GOAT Store Announces Upcoming Relaunch of GOAT Store Publishing
August 3, 2010

The GOAT Store, LLC today announced that they would be relaunching a GOAT Store Publishing Web site on September 9th. GOAT Store Publishing, the independent publishing branch of the GOAT Store, LLC is best known for pioneering independent Dreamcast publishing and has producing more independent games for the Dreamcast than any other company.

Dreamcast fans will immediately recognize September 9th as an important date - it the anniversary of the Dreamcast release date in the United States. Big fans of the system may even note that it was that same date in 2009 that GOAT Store Publishing announced their critically acclaimed fifth independent release, Irides: Master of Blocks.

The relaunched GOAT Store Publishing Web site will focus on the history of the releases that have come so far, as well as the people behind them. By relaunching on September 9th, the GOAT Store hopes to have another opportunity to celebrate the Dreamcast independent developers have accomplished on it.

"We have always worked to showcase independent developers to the best of our ability, while at the same time respecting the Dreamcast fans." Gary Heil of the GOAT Store said. "We never felt that we needed to disguise our games as official releases to sell them or make outlandish claims that we couldn't back up. Our releases have stood on their own. We never felt the need to threaten to leave the Dreamcast community if a game didn't sell well. We haven't published any games with the goal of getting rich or famous, we've published games because they were great titles that we felt players needed to play."

While the most popular and well-known product that GOAT Store Publishing has carried has always been their Dreamcast titles, the company branched out into hardware modifications with their JAMMA Joystick line up, and also is the only retailer to carry the very popular ChaosReins Rotary Controller for the Atari Jaguar console.

"We've always been willing to explore products for other consoles that we carry," stated Dan Loosen, "of course assuming they are produced and manufactured in a legal way."

The GOAT Store notes that the relaunch is not really as much about GOAT Store Publishing, but people and companies like Cryptic Allusion, LLC, Harmless Lion, JMD, S+F Productions, Mad Peet and ChaosReins who are the real stars of what has been accomplished.

Loosen also notes that the GOAT Store is interested in carrying other publishers releases, "We're one of the largest retro-gaming retailers in the world and we have been happy to carry many independent products from other legitimate companies in the past such as Songbird Productions and Messiah Entertainment, Inc. As long as a product meets our standards, we're happy to carry it. We wouldn't be a very good retro-gaming retailer if we ignored the great new stuff that has been happening in all of the retro gaming communities!"

GOAT Store Publishing's web page is set to re-launch on September 9th, 2010. To find out more information about the products that GOAT Store Publishing has already published or carries before the new site launches, please visit