Resolution Coming True - Huge Saturn Import Selection Added
February 11, 2012

For new years, the GOAT Store, LLC decided that we would focus on adding retro imports to our vast selection of titles. We started by adding hundreds of games for the Famicom and Super Famicom, and now we have just completed the addition of more than 100 Sega Saturn import titles!

We feel that the Sega Saturn was a really unique console because it did rather poorly in the US, but outstanding overseas in Japan. While the US and European Saturn selection was pretty limited, selection in Japan was absolutely outstanding, with countless amazing RPGs released there (including the tactical RPG series Sakura Wars), cool mech games, and of course, the shooters we all know about. There are also some truly weird titles, like "picture series" of the Virtua Fighter gang and dating sims.

For the first round of additions, we decided to focus on adding those titles that you may not have ever heard of outside of Japan. You can explore the strange world of the dating sim (be warned that many of them are graphic and shouldn't be purchased by those under the age of 18). You can check out the different RPGs, and really add a ton of them if you know how to speak Japanese, or you can just get the Japanese versions of some of your favorite American releases, like D or Myst.

Inventorying import titles takes a long time to do, both to research the name of the game, what it is about, and then create a write up on it and price it, but the GOAT Store is up for the challenge of doing even more! Beyond the titles that we already have in stock, which has more than quadrupled the GOAT Store's import selection since the beginning of the year, we have more than 300 more games just waiting to be inventoried! Among the systems that we have games ready to go into inventory for are the Mega Drive (Genesis), PC Engine (Turbografx), Super CD (Turbografx CD) and additional titles for the Famicom and Super Famicom.

If you've ever been interested in playing games that never came out in the US, or in checking out what some of your favorite titles looked like in other countries, head to the GOAT Store and check out our selection of titles now!