Final Skunkboards on Sale
October 11, 2012

It's time. The final Skunkboards that we have been holding onto are up for sale on the GOAT Store Web site.

To be totally clear, we have very few of these left. Once these are gone, these will not be remade in their current form by us. The chips are obsolete, and replacing the chips would require a wholesale redesign that we feel simply will not have enough of a return on investment for us to really explore it as an option.

If you're ready to purchase them, here they are...

The original Skunkboard Rev 3 in green may be purchased here:

The Skunkboard Rev 3 "Ghost" may be purchased here:

We have a few of the Skunkboard box and manuals left due to some returns and faulty boards that we can now sell. To be clear, this does NOT come with the Skunkboard itself. You can get that set here:

Here are just the manuals:

For those of you think that it is sad that we are closing the Skunkboard chapter at the GOAT Store, I'm happy to share that we should be announcing a pre-order period for a new product from us within the month. Within the next three months, we're expecting to announce something that you can use your Skunkboards with too!

At this time, we have no plans to make another project like the Skunkboard at this time, but would be open to being approached on producing it if someone else designs it. Want to use your Skunkboard to make a brand new game? We'd be happy to look into publishing it with you!

Happy devving!