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Diecast Series 1 Toys R Us Exclusive 3-Pack SetTRON: Legacy Action Figures

Toys R Us put out a 3 pack of the diecast vehicles for both the heroes and the villains. Apparently, they made almost none of these, and they are nearly impossible to find. The Hero pack contains Sam's Light Cycle, Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle and the Light Runner with exclusive off road wheels that are different than the normal release. The Villain pack contains Clu's Light Cycle, the Recognizer and Clu's Command Ship. These are the Canadian Version and sadly, the boxes aren't in great shape, but we figured it was worth getting the few of these that we could find to pass on to you!

NOTE: All photos depict good condition items only; actual product may vary.

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Spin Master

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New Diecast Series 1 Toys R Us Exclusive 3-Pack Set [Canadian packaging label] (poor box)

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