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Hon ShogiFamicom Japanese (NTSC-J) Games

Hon Shogi

We think it is Mahjong. But that doesn't matter. You need this cart. No, seriously. You need this cart. Until we found this cart with it's great warnings on the back, we weren't exactly sure how to care for our Famicom collections. Thanks to this one, we now know that you should not light your game on fire, smash your came with a hammer, play with your game in the bath, or feed your game to an alligator. That's right -- if you are buying Famicom games to feed them to your alligator, Hon Shogi will stop you with a great warning picture on the back. Who cares what the game is like when you can gain great knowledge like that?

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Used Hon Shogi (poor box, good instructions)


Used Hon Shogi (poor box)

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Used Hon Shogi