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Umi no Nushi TsuriSuper Famicom Japanese (NTSC-J) Games

Umi no Nushi Tsuri

Ohhhhh kay. This is a straight up weird game. It looks like a fishing game, where you can pick one of four characters to go fishing with. But then, the weirdness starts. It looks like a bad NES RPG in graphics and you have to walk around an RPG-ish world. We ran into a seagull that we had to fight (?!?) and never figured out how to go fishing because we only can spend so much time playing stuff like this, and then we realize it's not getting better, so might as well try the next game. If you want to try this one, be our guest! Maybe it gets awesome, and you have to go under the sea to battle a Kraken or something sweet.

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