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Irides: Master of BlocksSega Dreamcast New Developments

Irides: Master of Blocks

Irides: Master of Blocks is an incredible puzzler game where the player has to match blocks of similar colors together to eliminate them, score points and create combos. The faster that the blocks are connected and the more blocks there are, the better the score when they are eliminated! Just like all of the great classic puzzle games, Irides: Master of Blocks is an easy concept, but one that is tough to master! Irides features a single-player Campaign mode with four difficulty levels, Co-Op Campaign mode to play with a friend, multi-player versus modes to face off against up to four players, more than 30 levels including unlockable bonus levels and over 15 awesome music tracks. It is a region free title, supporting NTSC, PAL and VGA displays. Irides also supports all licensed Dreamcast controllers, rumble pack accessories and the VMU.

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