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Yukawa Senmu No Otakara SagashiSega Dreamcast Japanese (NTSC-J) Games

Yukawa Senmu No Otakara Sagashi

This game was part of a cool promotional thing that Sega did for the Dreamcast pretty much when it came out. You could either buy the game really cheap, or get it when you got another game. You'd use your new Dreamcast to find clues, and 10,000 people would win 10,000 yen if they won. It reminds us a LOT of the Swordquest games for the 2600, except Sega actually went through with this all the way! There was a free version with the model number of HDR-0025 and a version for sale with the number HDR-0024.

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Used Yukawa Senmu No Otakara Sagashi [retail version] (good case, good instructions)

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