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Do you have a question about Maqiupai? This list is a great place to start! If you don't see your question answered, please feel free to contact us!

General Questions

High Score Submission Questions

Strategy and Tips

General Questions

Q. What does Maqiupai mean?

A. Maqiupai is the Chinese word for the tiles that you play the game with.

Q. How do you pronounce Maqiupai?

A. The correct pronouncation is "Mah-CHOO-pie"

Q. Is that really how you spell Maqiupai? With an I after the Q?

A. The spelling of the game is the best translation that can be made of that word. The correct spelling is M A Q I U P A I.

Q. What languages can Maqiupai be played in?

A. English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Q. I'm having problems saving on my memory card. Any idea why?

A. Maqiupai can only save games to memory cards in the first slot of your Dreamcast controller.

Q. How many levels are in Maqiupai?

A. You start Maqiupai with only one level, but can unlock 45 more for a total of 46 levels. After unlocking a level, you can play it in time attack.

Q. How do I unlock levels?

A. To unlock levels to play in time attack, you must first complete the level in challenge mode. The levels in challenge mode are randomly generated, with some that show up often and some that very rarely appear.

Q. How long does it take to unlock all of the levels

A. In playtesting the game, we have found that it takes a strong player between 8 and 16 hours of challenge gameplay to unlock all 46 levels.

High Score Submission Questions

Q. How does the high score submission work?

A. To submit a score, you must be a member of the GOAT Store, LLC. When submitting, you need to put the code that the game gave you into the code submission form, as well as the initials that you used. You may only submit one score per board. If you submit more than one score per board, the better of the two scores will be the score that remains listed.

Q. How do I become a GOAT Store, LLC Member?

A. Becoming a GOAT Store, LLC Member is simple -- just go to our registration page. You will be asked to enter an email address and a password. We will send you an email with a link to confirm your membership, and then you will be allowed to submit scores. At no time will we email you without your permission.

Q. I submitted a score, but it said that it was invalid. What happened?

A. Either the initials that you used did not match the initials you submitted or the code was not the same that the game gave you. We are sorry, but we cannot decode any codes.

Q. I got a high score, but I forgot to write down my code. How do I see it again?

A. There is no way to display an Internet code again. Make sure to write it down! Any time you beat your score, you will receive another code.

Q. I was submitting codes and it stopped me from doing so after a certain number. Why?

A. A person is only allowed to submit 10 scores per day. To find out all of the rules and regulations with the code submission, please check out our High Score Submission Rules.

Strategy and Tips

Q. How can I improve on my time?

A. Practice, practice, practice! Players develop their own styles to play the entire game or for each board. For some general strategy tips, check the electronic manual in the game!

Q. What is the best strategy to use for challenge mode?

A. Just like improving on your times, the best tip is to practice! The other thing that you need to remember to get good at challenge mode is to remember your Shinobi Jokers and use them wisely.

Q. What is different about the skill levels?

A. Depending on which skill level you pick, you will get different amounts of time, Shinobi Jokers and time bonuses for clearing tiles. Your scoring is changed to reflect this.

Q. What is the best strategy for time attack?

A. Other than practice, keep attempting the same board! This will allow you to focus on the strategy that you will use for that particular board. Each board for Maqiupai is different, and you will learn things that will work better for certain levels with extended play.

Q. Are there any secret codes for Maqiupai?

A. Yes.


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