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Maqiupai ships as a professionally pressed CD with a booklet, and requires a Dreamcast(tm) console which is capable of booting standard CD (non-GD) media, also known as "MIL-CD". This generally includes all systems produced in America and Europe, and the majority of systems produced in Japan. To date, we have not found a system that cannot run Maqiupai, but we believe that some systems that cannot run the game exist.

To play Maqiupai, all you will need is a standard Dreamcast(tm) controller. To save your progress, you will need a Dreamacast compatible memory card with at least four free blocks. The game is compatible with standard NTSC 60Hz TV and European PAL 50Hz TV formats, as well as the Dreamcast VGA box.

Maqiupai can be played in five different languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Every copy of the game comes with the soundtrack included. You can hear the entire soundtrack just by placing your Maqiupai CD into a standard CD player.


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