SkunkBoard Rev. 3

If you are interested in developing for the Jaguar, you want a SkunkBoard… and, if you are just interested in playing some of the amazing new developments for the Jaguar from developers worldwide, the SkunkBoard is your simple solution to being able to play those games!

The SkunkBoard is a development tool that allows you to test your games on the Jaguar system by loading them via USB onto the SkunkBoard’s Flash Memory. It allows developers and non-developers alike to explore the world of homebrew and independent games released by others, as well as play special releases you otherwise couldn’t play on a real Jaguar console!

Previous runs of the SkunkBoard sold out almost immediately, creating a secondary market for these boards that is often triple the original asking price! Because of that, GOAT Store Publishing has teamed up with HarmlessLion to create a third run of the boards. A new batch of boards is in production and set to be shipped in early November! Production spots are extremely limited at this time. Once these slots are gone, they are gone!

Also, SkunkBoard Rev. 3 will be the first revision of the SkunkBoard to come with a box and manual! These boxes and manuals are being created to house both earlier SkunkBoard revisions as well as the SkunkBoard Rev. 3.

More information about the SkunkBoard can be found at

SkunkBoard Rev. 3 [General Release]

SKU 152920
Brand Atari
Model Number Rev3