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Founded in 2001, Dan Loosen and Gabriella Heil created the GOAT Store, LLC, a small online game shop selling an assortment of retro video games. The focus at the time was to recoup the costs of purchasing a lot of games after an outside business relationship did not go as planned. Selling the games proved to be successful and the two friends proceeded to acquire additional inventory. The word “goat” was chosen to be an acronym for “Games Of All Types.”

The range of items has grown throughout the years to include favorite classic systems as well as items from Europe and Asia. The GOAT Store, LLC now carries a wide variety of classic games, systems, accessories, and related collectible items.

In 2003, GOAT Store Publishing was launched to bring independently developed titles to the gaming community. The first title, Feet of Fury, was quite successful and its creator released their tools to allow others to create Dreamcast games as well. GOAT Store Publishing went on to release Maquipai (2005), Inhabitants (2005), Cool Herders (2006), and Irides: Master of Blocks (2009).

Our mission since the beginning has been to be a trusted source for retro games and collectors providing quality games, systems, and accessories. We continue to work towards this goal and hope we will be your source for retro games.