ChaosReins Rotary Controller

ChaosReins releases their first product, an EXCELLENT rotary controller for use with Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar. If you haven’t already heard, Tempest 2000 is one of the greatest games ever and it was meant to be played with a rotary. Atari never released anything official, but now third parties have picked up the slack with amazing releases like this! The ChaosReins rotary may be the best one to date, as it uses a detentless mechanical rotary encoder from CTS. This encoder was chosen because of its smooth feel and resolution perfect for the worst that Tempest 2000 can throw at you. A high-quality black anodized aluminum knob tops off the package. The knob has a diameter of just under 1 inch, yeilding a good balance between speed and accuracy. Included with the controller are instructions for enabling the rotary encoder mode in the game as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of the controller.

ChaosReins Rotary Controller [General Release]

SKU 151420
Brand Atari