Famicom Disk System

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Nintendo decided to expand the power of the Famicom with the Famicom Disk System. With some upgraded chips in it, as well as disks that could hold tons of information, this thing allowed for bigger and more awesome games! Before those games got to the US, Nintendo figured out how to shove them on a cart, so these are a unique Nintendo expansion system. Note that the systems are VERY finicky, so expect that if the system is Untested, it is for display or repair (thus the pricing). Also, the system took batteries, so unless noted they do NOT come with AC adapters!

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Used Famicom Disk System (poor condition) with untested $29.99

Famicom Disk System [General Release]

Used Famicom Disk System (poor condition) with untested
Used Famicom Disk System with untested
SKU 211044
Brand Nintendo
Model Number HVC-022, HVC-023